How men test women at the start of a relationship

6 male tricks to bring a girl to clean water.

Love is a great feeling. It was sung by poets, writers, painters and sculptors. Love inspired them to create unsurpassed masterpieces of literature, painting and sculpture.

Here, for example, as the famous poet of the Renaissance, Petrarch describes his beloved Laura: “Among thousands of women, there was only one who struck my heart invisibly. Only with the appearance of a benevolent seraphim could she compare in beauty “.

Love made feelings sublime and beautiful. At that moment, no one noticed any flaws or ulterior motives in the subject of their passion. Whether it’s a matter of modern men, they also often talk about love, but everything is not so simple for them, because women, in their opinion, are constantly trying to deceive, hide something, cheat for money, etc. In general, trust, but check …

Olga Romaniv

Times change, and so do people. And if earlier men were ready for the sake of a beautiful lady to perform feats and make sacrifices, then modern representatives of the strong half of humanity will still think whether this lady is worth doing at least something for her.

People have become much more calculating and cynical in their manifestations. Perhaps this is the fault of the consumer society in which we all exist, because in it you can buy or sell almost everything.

Moral values ​​are blurred, and not very beautiful actions are covered with beautiful words. Perhaps that is why some especially gifted (suspicious) men see a trick everywhere and attempts to use them on the part of the fair sex. What kind of love is there when you first need to thoroughly check this object of attraction – can you trust her at all?.

Loyalty check

One of the favorite ways of men who have already become victims of betrayal by women is to test their loyalty. There are several options for such checks: messages in social networks from male accounts unknown to the lady with a proposal to meet, sending gifts and flowers from unknown gentlemen to the subject of passion at home. Some go so far as to send gentlemen for dating. Non-verified females, responding to compliments on social networks, accepting flowers and agreeing to meet, are immediately rejected and anathematized.

Check for commercialism

Another popular test is commercialism testing. More and more men are using it today. Testing is carried out continuously in different variations.

# 1 – observation: a man closely follows the lady of the heart in restaurants, on walks, in coffee houses and stores, analyzes what he ordered, how expensive it is, whether she wants to shake out more money, and then draws the appropriate conclusion whether it is worth talking to her.

# 2 – pretending to be poor: a classic script from a Cinderella movie, when the handsome prince pretended to be a beggar and wanted to be loved for nothing. If a girl withstands everything, she is entitled to a bonus – the hand and heart of a handsome prince.

# 3 – empty promises: the man tells how wealthy and successful he is, promises to take him here and there, give this and that, and again closely watches the reaction. I was delighted, my eyes lit up – everything, mercantile.

Compassion test

The man tells you about how difficult life is for him, and expects you to offer your help. The rating is, of course, headed by stories about financial problems that you must stoically endure with it, infringe on yourself in the interests, some ladies are expected to make financial investments. In second place are everyday hardships, which are actively shifted to fragile female shoulders, in third, if you are lucky, health problems.

Checking personal boundaries

There is a category of men who like to probe personal boundaries. Checks can look like a desire to inadvertently offend, offend, be late for a meeting or even postpone it, promise something and not do something, save money on you. By committing such an unseemly act, a man is waiting for a response in order to understand whether it is possible to continue to become impudent in the future or there are still boundaries of what is permissible. Every such situation must be followed by a reaction. If you close your eyes to such actions, then after a while you should not wonder why a man does not consider you, does not respect you and does not love you, although you forgave him such and other things.

Sympathy check

This test is usually carried out at the very beginning of the acquaintance, but there are characters who later resort to similar measures of influence on the psyche. The test is to disappear from the field of vision of your beloved for a while, leaving her alone with the worries: what I did wrong, what he could be offended. After that, messages are written in a wild amount and voice messages are left, which once again prove to the man that he is loved. Here is a test that looks more like manipulation and at the same time flatters the vanity of a representative of the strong half of humanity.