Everything you wanted to know about men, but were afraid to ask

Women tend to draw conclusions about male behavior based on guesswork and stereotypes. This is how we live for years, believing that men need only “one thing” and “gentlemen prefer blondes”, not daring to ask the truth. We did it for you and found answers to the most juicy questions..

11 Aug 2017

Is it true that all men cheat?

We hasten to please you – not all! Indeed, by nature, men are polygamous and sometimes unable to resist instincts. In ancient times, the primitive representatives of the stronger sex tried to enter into sexual relations with a large number of women in order to prevent the extinction of the human race. However, the modern man has the ability to think sensibly and act contrary to the call of nature. This is possible if the relationship is pleasurable (both emotionally and physically) to both partners. It is important to understand that only a real woman can create this harmony in a pair..

Today, one of the most common reasons for cheating is not a couple of extra pounds on a woman’s hips, but an unfavorable climate in relationships. In the eyes of a man, constant moralizing and claims, grievances and quarrels turn the desired lady into a “mommy”. Unfortunately, you can forget about desire and passion in this situation. It is here that a primitive call awakens in a man, and he is looking for that woman on the side, next to whom he will again feel strong.

Advice: in order to avoid a split in the relationship, you should eradicate the habits of “mommy” and become a woman for your chosen one with a capital letter. Distribute social responsibilities as it is inherent in us by nature. Remember that the man next to you should be a man, not the little boy for whom you are teaching. Leave all male decisions and worries to him, because he should feel like the head of the family. Only then will this harmonious union be insured against betrayal..

Is it true that all men are afraid of marriage??

And we have good news again – not all! Indeed, most men are confident that from the moment their wedding ring is on their ring finger, freedom will be over! Sex will cease to be varied and regular, the wife will need to keep an account for every unscheduled outing with friends, and to top it off, she will take on the role of a financial manager and deprive her of her pocket money. In fact, this feeling of fear was instilled in men by the same strong “mothers” who, at the first stage of the relationship, began to drive the man under the heel. However, there are also such men who, from the moment they first meet with their beloved, can call her down the aisle. They think about children and family evenings, a joint vacation and a house in the country. Do you think such men only exist in films? Not at all, such men are created by women.

Advice: if your relationship with a man is just developing, then we advise you not to declare on your first dates that getting married is the goal of your whole life. Of course, it’s not worth saying that marriage is not for you. We act subtly and carefully. You always need to be slightly inaccessible to him, so you will raise your value in his eyes. Then your man will strive for marriage and a joint future, because only in this way will you become his one.

Can men tell a real female orgasm from a fake one??

Apparently, they cannot. At the very least, this confirms the number of requests “how to distinguish an orgasm from imitation” on the Internet. Women are really all right with acting skills and understand when we moan “out of politeness”, and when sincerely, only a time-tested partner can. If this is the first sexual experience, then the likelihood of getting through you in imitation is reduced to zero. But, this is perhaps bad news, since no woman strives to perfectly master the art of false orgasm. It is important for her to get real pleasure from intimacy every time..

Advice: if there is an imbalance of hormones in the female body, then attraction and sensuality are significantly reduced. The rhythm of the menstrual cycle is considered a key indicator of imbalance. If the cycle is too long or too short, or if you are familiar with PMS or “blooming” of the face before “women’s days”, then the signals from your body (smell, movement, etc.) will be less attractive to the opposite sex.

In such cases, it is important to normalize hormone balance naturally by ensuring that certain vitamins and minerals are supplied during each phase of the menstrual cycle. Specialists in the field of gynecology successfully use this technique, which is called cyclic vitamin therapy. Today in pharmacies you can buy the non-hormonal two-phase vitamin-mineral complex Cyclovita®, which has no analogues in its composition and principle of action *. The Cyclovita® complex is developed taking into account the characteristics of the female body and helps to gently restore hormonal balance. Everything is very simple and logical: Cyclovita® contains two types of tablets for each phase of the cycle – the two-phase menstrual cycle is supported by a two-phase complex.

Today we have answered only a few naughty questions, the answers to which will help create a strong relationship with a man. A happy, loving and desired woman opens up like a flower, and only then can she turn any man into a hero.