15 stars who dated married men

Some of them are now happily married, while others were unable to create a strong family after the man’s divorce..

Celebrity life can be like a soap opera. Numerous marriages, divorces, infidelities, mistresses and children on the side now and then become headlines in the press. Sometimes the stars are accused of “PR-romances”, but celebrities are also people, they tend to fall in love and follow the lead of passion, being married. Which of the star women was not afraid of the condemnation of society, threw himself into a maelstrom of feelings for married men with a head and how it ended?

Ksenia Sobchak

The TV presenter, by her own admission, has never been deprived of the attention of men. At the dawn of her career, after moving from St. Petersburg to Moscow, Sobchak was better known as a socialite and party girl, around whom there were many successful, interesting and married men. In the 2000s, secular gossips attributed to her an affair with a married businessman Oleg Malis, then they said that it was for her sake that the director of the Silver Rain radio station Dmitry Savitsky left the family. And in 2010, Ksenia Sobchak met with the political strategist Sergei Kapkov, and each round of this novel was actively covered in the press. Before meeting with Sobchak, Kapkov was married to the host of the Vesti 24 channel, Yekaterina Grinchevskaya, and raised two children in marriage. The couple divorced without much hype, but the relationship between Ksenia and Sergey did not end with a wedding.

Soon, the TV presenter was carried away by opposition sentiments, and in 2013 she even married actor Maxim Vitorgan. This marriage has recently also broken up. At the same time, Vitorgan and Sobchak made an official announcement of the separation only in March 2019. Prior to this, married Sobchak defiantly appeared in public with director Konstantin Bogomolov, married to actress Daria Moroz. Both Sobchak and Bogomolov assured the public that their marriages by the time of the meeting already existed only on paper.

Olga Buzova

For 6 years, fans of the couple followed the romance of the TV presenter “House-2” with the football player Dmitry Tarasov. They were happy for them and admired the joint pictures. Therefore, the news of the divorce in 2016 struck like a bolt from the blue. It turned out that married Tarasov had been having an affair with model Anastasia Kostenko for a long time and even introduced his mother to her. They sympathized with Olga Buzova, they poured mud on Tarasov, but there were also those who said that Olga had a “karmic boomerang” among the consoling voices. Like, in 2011, she also took Tarasov away from his first family, in which Tarasov raised his two-year-old daughter along with Oksana Dmitrieva. It was because of Buzova that Tarasov divorced and never openly recalled the ex-wife and little daughter again in any interview.

While Buzova was collecting sympathetic responses and building a musical career with tears, subscribers in social networks asked Tarasov’s first wife what she thought about this. “This is an old story, which is no longer interesting to me. I think everything is obvious and so. My life will not change, and someone’s PR concept of great universal suffering and the “injustice” of fate may hopelessly collapse. Therefore, we will leave this question unanswered ”- wrote in response Oksana Dmitrieva.

Victoria Lopyreva

When the 35-year-old Miss Russia 2003 title holder finally officially stopped hiding her pregnancy, paparazzi shots flooded the internet. On them, the beauty was relaxing on the beach in Miami with a man, who was recognized as businessman Igor Bulatov, son-in-law of billionaire Samvel Karapetyan and husband Tatevik Karapetyan. Which is also pregnant. The situation looked so scandalous that even the stars rushed into the discussion. She was publicly condemned by Buzova, and Andrei Malakhov even unsubscribed from Victoria on Instagram.

The model decided on a frank interview, in which she said that they had known Bulatov for almost 10 years. And they always resisted the surging passion. What is it dishonest to accuse Lopyreva of taking her husband away from her friend? She and Tatevik have never been friends. And that when Victoria found out about the pregnancy of Bulatov’s wife, she herself was in a position. In general, a lot of public anger fell on Lopyreva, but she focused on her future baby. However, even now she makes little comments on her relationship with the child’s father..

Christine Asmus

24-year-old star of the series “Interns” only on the screen played the innocent shy Varya. In the life of the young actress, predatory passions were in full swing. In 2013, the world learned that for the sake of Asmus, the 31-year-old resident of the Comedy Club Garik “Bulldog” Kharlamov finally left the family. But he was tied with his legal wife for 7 years of civil relations and another two years of marriage! Kharlamov and Asmus hid their romance for a long time, meeting in safe apartments and traveling abroad.

Kharlamov’s wife, housewife Yulia Leshchenko, was, as expected, the last to know about everything. She was 28 years old and spent most of her adult life in a relationship with a Comedy resident. Therefore, the public did not know how to react to the news: on the one hand, it was a pity for the sincere and naive Yulia, on the other hand, the two main favorites of the country demonstrated cunning and passion. In 2013, the star couple got married, a year later they had a daughter, and until now Kharlamov and Asmus live happily.

Angelina Jolie

The femme fatale was married twice before filming the film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”. One of the main sex symbols of Hollywood has always been distinguished by extravagant antics and expressive statements on the topic of love relationships. When the filmmakers in 2004 invited Jolie and the most desirable man on the planet, Brad Pitt, to the main roles in the new film, they could not even imagine what a bomb their decision would be. And who could have guessed that it is generally within the power to destroy the most beautiful Hollywood marriage of an actor with the star of “Friends” Jennifer Aniston? Therefore, at first, rumors about Jolie and Pitt’s romance on the set were perceived as a PR move to promote a new film..

Unfortunately, Aniston thought the same way. Many years later, she admitted that she found out about her husband’s affair one morning by opening another “yellow” newspaper. It found photographs in which her husband is resting with Angelina Jolie and her adopted son Maddox in Kenya. By the way, there were rumors in Hollywood that Jolie herself arranged this shooting, because Pitt still did not dare to leave the family. After the publication, everything happened by itself – Aniston filed for divorce and for a long time healed her broken heart in the company of her best friend Courteney Cox.

Jolie and Pitt did not comment on their relationship for another two years. In 2006, Jolie finally announced that she was expecting a child from the actor. In the next 10 years, the fruit of the Brangelina union was three natural children and three adopted. And in September 2016, Jolie unexpectedly filed for divorce from Pitt.

For three years now, the divorce proceedings and legal proceedings for custody of children have been going on. All these years, fans of the couple have been dreaming of an Aniston and Pitt reunion. Moreover, she is also divorced and free again.

Julia Peresild

The aspiring actress moved to Moscow in the early 2000s. In 2007, she met Yevgeny Mironov, who, in turn, introduced her to director Alexei Uchitel. Julia played in his film “The Captive”, and her career went up. But Peresild and Teachers then connected not only with a working relationship. Julia was not embarrassed by the 33-year age difference, nor by the fact that the director had a 30-year marriage with producer Kira Saksaganskaya and two sons behind him. For almost ten years, Julia lived in the shadow of the director’s real wife, and during this time she even gave birth to two daughters for the Teacher. True, the father’s name was carefully hidden from the public. But all the secret becomes clear.

When rumors about their romance leaked to the press, and lovers were increasingly noticed together, Peresild made a statement: “The father of my children is Alexey Uchitel.” The director even appeared on his daughter’s school line. What about your wife? For 30 years, Saksaganskaya has got used to the fact that the brilliant director walks to the left, and then returns to their house in St. Petersburg. Peresild all this time lived in a luxurious apartment in Moscow (which, according to rumors, was also given to her by the Teacher). Now Alexei continues to live in two families and is in no hurry to decide. Julia Peresild continues to act in films and raise daughters. How exactly all three participants in this love story came to an agreement is anyone’s guess..

Yulia Snigir

The star of the film “Inhabited Island” and the TV series “Great” dated the most beautiful and successful men of the film industry. She had an affair with cameraman Maxim Osadchim, a relationship with actor Danila Kozlovsky and a lot of fans. When information leaked to the press that the actress was in a position, everyone wondered who turned out to be the father of the child. Julia was in no hurry to reveal her cards. All the more incredible seemed the news that Yulia Snigir was actually pregnant with Evgeny Tsyganov. Although the actor was not married, he had lived with actress Irina Leonova for many years, and the couple raised six children together. When it became known about the novel of Snigir and Tsyganov, Leonova was expecting her seventh child. Tsyganov went to Snigir from his pregnant wife. And soon Yulia Snigir gave birth to his eighth child. The story of a love triangle with many children blew up the Internet. Snigir did not comment on the birth of her first child in March 2016. But a little later, together with Tsyganov and his children, she appeared at film premieres. The couple also began to go out more often, they were last noticed together at the awards ceremony of the Association of Film and Television Producers at the end of March 2019..

Elizaveta Boyarskaya

The actress met Maxim Matveyev during the filming of the film “I Will Not Tell” in Kiev. An office romance began between the actors, and already at the premiere of the film “Admiral” the lovers appeared together. The general public was not aware of the fact that Matveev was married to actress Yana Sexte. As a result, the couple divorced, Maxim married Lisa Boyarskaya, and in 2012 the couple had a son. Maxim Matveev and Elizaveta Boyarskaya became one of the most beautiful couples in Russian cinema. Yana Sexte was reluctant to comment on the story of the divorce, but a few years later she met new love and gave birth to a daughter. In an exclusive interview with Antenna, the actress nevertheless shared that she and Maxim managed to remain friends:

“Maxim is a wonderful person, and so am I. And so two wonderful people met and spent a wonderful period of life together. And then everyone was able to cope with the pain that needed to be experienced, and got out of this difficult situation with minimal losses. But today you understand what a happiness it is that we have become close and dear people for each other “.

Sienna Miller

The American actress met British actor Jude Law, who was then already starring in Hollywood, during the casting for the film “Alfie” in 2003. The name Jude Law then did not leave the first pages of the tabloids, not only because of his wild popularity, but also because of his hectic personal life. The actor was married to Sadie Frost, who gave birth to Lowe two children and carried a third. But his stories of partying, romance and neglect of family responsibilities have earned him a reputation as a playboy and cheater. Lowe repeatedly caught the lens of the paparazzi along with blonde Miller.

After a loud and difficult divorce of Jude Law, the couple began to officially meet, in 2004 they announced their engagement. But already in August 2005, the engagement was terminated when Sienna Miller found out about the betrayal of the faithful with the nanny of his children. However, this did not happen right away – information about how the lovers either quarrel or reconcile appeared in the press until November 2006, when the actors finally put an end to the relationship. After 4 years, Sienna Miller decided to enter the same river twice – she and Jude Law began dating again. By then, Jude Law had become a father for the fourth time from a fleeting romance with a New Zealand model. Miller closed her eyes and this, Christmas 2009, she, along with Lowe and his three children from their first marriage, met in Barbados. Finally convinced that only the grave would fix the hunchback, in March 2011 Miller broke up with Jude Law. Almost immediately she began dating musician Tom Sturridge, became engaged to him in December of the same year and soon gave birth to a daughter. Unfortunately, this union of Sienna Miller fell apart – in the summer of 2015, the couple broke up.

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

The whole country followed the novel of the “perfect nanny” and producer Maxim Shatalin in the series of the same name in the early 2000s. Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and Sergei Zhigunov were such a harmonious couple on the screen that no one was surprised to learn about their romance on the set. By the way, Zhigunov at that time was already more than 20 years married to the theatrical actress Vera Novikova and raised his own daughter and adopted daughter Vera from his first marriage. But the passion for the 35-year-old burning brunette Zavorotnyuk was so strong that 43-year-old Zhigunov divorced Novikova in 2007. From 2006 to 2008, Zavorotnyuk and Zhigunov held the status of the most beautiful couple in Russian show business. And in the spring of 2008, the romance suddenly ended..

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, in the fall of 2008, just as unexpectedly for everyone, married the figure skater Pyotr Chernyshev, with whom she still lives happily. Last fall, Anastasia gave birth to Peter’s daughter. And Sergey Zhigunov, after the end of such a bright and passionate romance, returned to the bosom of the family. In October 2009, he even re-registered an alliance with Novikova at the registry office..

Natasha Koroleva

The future singer came to conquer Moscow from Kiev at the age of 17 and immediately got an audition for the composer Igor Nikolaev. 30-year-old Nikolaev undertook to promote the Queen – she owes all her hits and duets to his talent. A romance began very quickly between Dolphin and Rusalka, meanwhile Nikolayev was married at that time and raised a daughter. But a divorce and a new wedding soon followed. In 1992, at the age of 19, Natasha Koroleva became his wife. The musical union was firmly tied by the knot, the couple were happy and famous … Until 2001. Of course, problems in the family began a little earlier, when the Queen began to appear on the pages of Russian newspapers with a new fan – the hot stripper Sergei Glushko. The Queen left Nikolaev (about which he did not fail to write a song) and plunged into a new relationship.

Despite the fact that the Queen and Tarzan couple looks beautiful and happy, the Queen admitted that she regrets what she did 20 years ago. She told Lera Kudryavtseva in the Secret for a Million program that she admires Nikolaev’s first wife and regrets the role she played in her life:

“Igor had a wonderful wife. Even perfect. She looked after him. She was his rear, she was ready to follow him into fire and water. They are together with Igor from school. And everything was fine with them. Well, he was drawn to our shores. This is terrible. This is a disgusting moment in life. I myself am focused on the fact that you cannot build happiness on someone else’s misfortune, and that’s how it happened. Igor Nikolaev and I lived together for ten years. And all Lena’s tears came back to me like a boomerang. The pain that I caused her, I fully felt on my own skin “.

Dana Borisova

The TV presenter and main star of the Army Store was the dream of a huge number of Russian men. However, she was in no hurry to get married either at the peak of her fame in the 90s, or after – in the early 2000s. In 2007, she gave birth to a daughter from a common-law husband Maxim Aksenov, with whom she later broke up. In 2015, Dana Borisova unexpectedly married a businessman with whom she lived in the same house. She was frank about how their romance developed. Borisova said that she and Andrei Troshchenko had known each other for three years. Dana knew that the man had been married for 8 years, but she and his wife never had children. Borisova decided that something was not going well in their relationship, and started an affair. For the sake of the TV presenter, Andrei divorced his wife in May 2015, and in June Borisova became the wife of a businessman. The couple lived together in Borisova’s apartment with her daughter, but the hasty marriage quickly cracked. The couple often quarreled, and a year later Borisova filed for divorce. At the same time, he wrote a statement to the police about the theft of his car on her husband. Andrey returned the car, but the spouses could not restore the relationship.

Amber Heard

The 32-year-old American actress has gained fame as a heartbreaker and a woman liberated in love preferences. She met with colleagues in the film shop and once got to the dream of all women – Johnny Depp. The 52-year-old Hollywood legend has been in a relationship (though not registered) since 1998 with singer and actress Vanessa Paradis. For 17 years, this union could not destroy either addictions or the status of the main sex symbol of Hollywood, Johnny Depp. In the civil marriage of Paradis and Depp, two children were born, and the stamp in the passport began to seem like an unnecessary formality for both the actors themselves and the public. Depp met Heard on the set of The Rum Diary back in 2011. The novel was gaining momentum: Johnny Depp left the family and three years later made a marriage proposal – a step that he never dared to take with the mother of his children. The couple got married in February 2015, but a year later, Amber Heard filed for divorce. She could not cope with the riotous lifestyle of the eternal bully Johnny Depp and, moreover, claimed that the actor raised his hand to her. The scandalous divorce not only bankrupted Johnny Depp, but also ruined his reputation. Depp was left penniless and without roles. His health was crippled by the fact that Hurd filed for divorce just three days after the death of Depp’s mother..

The litigation lasted more than a year and ended in divorce in 2017. Now Johnny Depp is restoring his health and good name, proving that he did not raise his hand against his wife. Moreover, he provided the court with 87 video evidence that it was Hurd who beat her husband. Amber Heard, meanwhile, acts in films and continues to break hearts – in 2017, the inventor and creator of Tesla, Elon Musk, became her victim. After breaking up with Heard, he fell into the deepest depression, from which, like Depp, it was difficult to get out. Vanessa Paradis, meanwhile, has recovered from breaking up with Johnny Depp, maintains friendly relations with him, and on June 30, 2018 married director Samuel Benshetri..

Naomi Campbell

Over the years, the black supermodel has played romances among the most successful men in the world. Boxer Mike Tyson, actor Robert de Niro, businessman Flavio Briatore and a bunch of smaller stars fell to her long legs. Naomi’s enchanting charm did not fade with age, as did her appetite. In 2008, the world learned that Naomi had her eye on a billionaire overseas. Namely, on the Russian businessman Vladislav Doronin. A panther like Campbell had no difficulty in taking Doronin out of the family: he forgot to think about his wife Catherine, with whom he spent 20 years in marriage. Meanwhile, Catherine was with him from the age of 16 and gave birth to a daughter.

Campbell and Doronin appeared together at social events and vacationed in the best resorts on the planet in the company of such stars as Leonardo DiCaprio. By 2012, Doronin completed a chic mansion on Rublevka with an area of ​​2.5 thousand square meters for his beloved.But the wedding was postponed. The reason for this was the billionaire’s complicated divorce proceedings: his marriage to Catherine was concluded in the United States, and she claimed half of the fortune acquired in marriage. Given the supermodel’s infamous hot temper, one can only guess how much effort it took to keep this union safe. As a result, Naomi’s patience snapped and she left the rich groom.

Britney Spears

America’s favorite good-girl, singer Britney Spears turned out to be far from so positive in the fight for her future husband. She supported the story of protecting herself before marriage, and even a long-term affair with Justin Timberlake did not change her attitude towards sex. Perhaps it was the lack of experience in relationships with the opposite bands that played a cruel joke on the naive 23-year-old Britney. When, in the spring of 2004, the singer met dancer Kevin Federline, Spears seemed to be blown away by the surging feelings. The girl was not even stopped by the fact that during their acquaintance Kevin was in a relationship with actress Shar Jackson. Moreover, Jackson was 8 months pregnant at the time. Later, Shar bitterly said that this separation was not just a broken relationship, that Britney Spears broke up a real family. It was especially hard for Kevin’s ex to watch Federline’s romance with Spears broadcast to the whole world in the form of a reality show..

Literally three months later, Britney and Kevin announced their engagement, and in September 2004 they were already married. Britney Spears immediately marked a break in her career, became pregnant and plunged into family happiness. In September 2005, she gave birth to her first son, and immediately rumors spread about her second pregnancy. So, by September 2006, the singer had already become the mother of two weather sons.

Unfortunately, there was no happy ending for America’s favorite. Two months after the second birth, Spears filed for divorce, citing “insoluble contradictions” as the reason. Instead of a prince in her fairy tale, Spears ran into a shameless and self-serving manipulator. Federline immediately filed a counterclaim demanding custody of two children. The messy and scandalous divorce ended in 2007, but Spears’s dark streak has just begun. She fell into depression, was carried away by harmful substances, several times went to rehabilitation centers. Her career collapsed – Spears could not perform, forgot her movements and words, and was booed by the audience. For an accident, she was threatened with a real prison term. All this only played into the hands of her ex-husband, who eventually sued not only custody of the children, but also considerable alimony for their maintenance.

The singer’s treatment and return to professional form took a long time. Slowly but surely, Britney returned to recording albums and performing, got the opportunity to see the children. Spears was engaged several times, but she has not yet found personal happiness after that ill-fated marriage..