A new mask every day: how to rekindle passion in a relationship

Detailed instructions on how to add zest to your intimate life.

Do you know what most often kills love? No, not a rival, not lack of money or everyday difficulties, but boredom and monotony. What can you do so that the relationship continues to energize both of you, and you remain interesting for your man? How to playfully change masks every day, to the delight of your partner? How to rekindle passion in a relationship with your husband? Our expert will tell us about all this..

Julia Lanske

World’s # 1 Dating Coach, iDateAwards 2019

Certified matchmaker, love coach, innovative expert in building relationships with successful men, competent psychologist

For your wedding to turn into “happily ever after”, you need to become a fairy godmother yourself and do a little magic every day. After all, if you were able to meet your prince and build a relationship with him, it would be foolish to lose them due to banal laziness and everyday routine. Therefore, we take ourselves in hand and begin to add fresh impressions to the relationship with our beloved man..

1. Experiment with the image

The first thing a man always looks at is his appearance. But even the most beautiful face in the world and the perfect body get bored if they look exactly the same day after day. Therefore, change your appearance more often. Today you are soft and gentle in a cozy fluffy sweater, tomorrow you are stylish and daring in leather trousers and a white shirt, and a week later you are a beauty in an elegant dress. Connect here and cosmetics – makeup can turn you into a young charming girl and a fatal vamp lady. A man should catch himself thinking that his wife is a chic, stylish woman, and then he will be proud and admire you.

2. Learn to easily change state

You seem to have just cooked dinner, dancing to hot Latin beats on the radio. And now you are learning irregular verbs in a Skype lesson with an English teacher. And after another hour, over a glass of wine, you tell your husband a funny story and laugh with him. Well, how can you get bored with a woman who easily slides through life and, like a precious stone, shines with new facets of her talents every day??!

3. Work on facial expressions and emotions

Did you enjoy imagining yourself as a movie star as a child? Then wake up the actress in you. Remember the movie “8 Women” and try to get used to the image of 2-3 of the most attractive heroines to you. Hairstyle, make-up, facial expressions, movements, manner of speaking – try to take everything into account. Let your husband hurry home to find out exactly who is waiting for him today. This will help him look at you from an unexpected angle. Such pleasant surprises are a life-giving vitamin for relationships. Yes, and such exercises will be useful for you, especially if you combine creative moments with the study of techniques for relaxing the muscles of the face and practice a beautiful, sincere smile in front of the mirror. This is how real actresses work on their roles. And this will help you not only to present yourself from the best side, but even to remove extra mimic wrinkles without the help of cosmetologists.

4. Connect your body language

Add to the outer transformation a change in the dynamics of the body. A woman of any age, appearance and build is capable of attracting with grace, smoothness of movements. A light gait, beautifully swaying hips, graceful gestures – all this works better than any aphrodisiac. Do not shuffle your slippers or pull on the tap when washing dishes. Waltz through the rooms in shoes or barefoot, as if on soft cat feet. Hold your back, breathe deeply and get high on yourself!

5. Chat more often, more, longer

A successful man knows how to appreciate the depth and wisdom of his woman. So throw your smartphone into a corner and talk to your husband! About his hobbies, friends, plans, contemporary art, the peculiarities of the Tesla car, conscious consumption, business startups – everything that worries him. Make smart compliments to your husband, ask original questions – show your involvement in his life.

Of course, in a relationship you cannot do without petty quarrels and troubles, but if a man begins to associate family life only with them, this is a very bad sign! Try not to dwell on the negative, but include a family counselor. Learn to soar gently along the waves of emotions, turning problems and worries into joy, and the man will speak to you in the language of tenderness and love.

6. New games in bed

Of course, we will not forget about the intimate side of relationships – it is the main litmus test showing the level of passion in your couple. Over time, the novelty of owning each other is lost, butterflies in the stomach calm down and the sky in diamonds dims. If you understand that it is time to change something, do not wait for the initiative from the man. The bed is your domain, and it is in your power to make it deliciously beautiful. Examine your body, find the most sensitive points and learn how to stimulate them to achieve the peak of sensation. The next step is to tell your man about it. Believe me, he will only be grateful if you give him a guide to your body and show him how to press the secret “buttons”. Each of your orgasms emotionally helps him feel like a cool lover, supermacho and Casanova rolled into one. Ask the man about his secret fantasies and try to translate them into reality. After all, doing something together and getting pleasure from it is the best thing that can be in a relationship. Improvise and surprise, and then the man will eagerly strive home, and not from home.