7 female flaws that men are crazy about

Less complexes, more love!

Once realizing that we are imperfect, we believe that men will now bypass us. But, it turns out, this is not at all the case, and some of our shortcomings seem to the stronger sex very cute and harmless. We tell you which ones.

Light splendor

Contrary to our opinion, men like light fullness and feminine forms. Therefore, glossy beauties, of course, are good, but believe me that Angelina Jolie in full dress no one wants to see at home. As the representatives of the stronger sex admit, they do not like skinny beauties, they want to see a fit woman with sexy curves next to them. Now think twice before you decide to get rid of a couple of extra pounds..

Mimic wrinkles

Believe me, light wrinkles do not spoil you at all, but only indicate a light disposition and a cheerful character. In addition, the fashion for plastic surgery and excessive passion for beauty injections is gradually fading away, and men now prefer naturalness and naturalness..

Short stature

Short stature is an absolute plus. He can feel like a knight next to you and carry in his arms without getting tired. Real fairy tale.

A strong, courageous defender, this is how he wants to feel next to you.

Slight sloppiness

We are not talking about the need to completely stop taking care of yourself and choose baggy outfits. You certainly have to be careful, but as it turns out, being too perfect can cause chilling and loss of interest. But a slight shaggy, lack of makeup and cute cozy clothes do their job and attract men no worse than a magnet..


A serious attitude towards life does not paint a good wife and a caring mother, but the ability to fool around and commit frivolous acts inherent in real women makes them even more attractive and sexy in the eyes of men. If you can’t decide on something serious, then start with something completely harmless – walking in the moonlight, going to the cinema for the last session, or eating pizza at midnight. Representatives of the stronger sex really like this frivolity..


If you want to laugh and make cute faces – go ahead, and be sure that no one will blame you for it. Men like natural behavior and lack of war paint. Therefore, only slightly emphasize your natural beauty and just be yourself. Your chosen one will appreciate it, believe me.

Excellent appetite

Recently, ladies have completely stopped enjoying food and are increasingly making sure not to gain extra calories. However, according to psychologists, nothing brings people together like cooking and eating together. Men are delighted with the good appetite of their companion and on a subconscious level they believe that a woman can get the same pleasure from his caresses.