5 + 1 destructive thought that prevents you from getting married

“I feel good without a man!”

A woman who has been alone for a long time gradually accumulates piles of destructive thoughts in her head. Like unnecessary boxes in the attic, they lie in her mind and every day more and more clutter the path to her beloved man..

Julia Lanske

World’s # 1 Dating Coach, iDateAwards 2019

Certified matchmaker, love coach, innovative expert in building relationships with successful men, competent psychologist.

Today I propose to roll up our sleeves and sort out these blockages in the corridors of your personal life, which may hinder you from moving forward … and prevent a man from getting close to you. I have been doing this kind of “cleaning” for 5 years in the minds of my students. The results are amazing! Let’s help you too. Why 5 + 1? You will find out if you read the article to the end.!

1. “I won’t succeed, I won’t be able to, so it’s not destiny to get married”

This is what women say, behind whose shoulders there is a negative experience of relationships, scars are still visible in their hearts, self-esteem is below the plinth, and they are already reluctant to dance the rake. Doubting the success of a new relationship, a woman gives up and does nothing for happiness. But if you think about it, then any doubt is an obstacle that we build ourselves. In other words, you yourself energetically deprive yourself of the opportunity to fulfill your cherished desire.

Imagine a flower growing in the ground. If the ground turns to stone, it is difficult for the roots to breathe, and the flower withers. But as soon as the soil is loosened and air is opened, the flower comes to life, it has the strength and desire to bloom. Allow yourself to bloom – give your feelings a reason to wake up. Change your doubts to thoughts full of confidence that you will find a soul mate. And even if you tried it once and five, try the sixth.

“A pessimist sees difficulties at every opportunity, an optimist sees opportunities in every difficulty.” W. Churchill

2. “I have already lived most of my life, the main thing for me is the happiness of my children.”

Children are a huge motivator to live, and sometimes, unfortunately, they are also a huge demotivator to build a personal life. Often, for the sake of children, a woman puts an end to herself: going into motherhood headlong, she shrugs off any opportunity to become happy and loved. “What guys! The eldest one will soon graduate from university, the youngest is going to enter, the hour is uneven – the grandchildren will go. And here I am making shura-mura! “.

But in fact, everything turns out exactly the opposite: your loneliness deprives children of being fully happy. Do you think they want you to be single? Do you think they are happy with your sacrifice? When they grow up, they will tell you – Mom, why did you do this? But it will be too late. In addition, even if they are still small, they feel everything and … learn. Your life scenario for them is a clear example of a family model, which they subconsciously adopt: mom has lived alone, and I will live. Trust me – to make your children truly happy, think about yourself and your personal life. They need the support of a mother who is loved by a man, is free in her thoughts, fills everything around with positive energy. Set a good example of what a happy woman is. Perhaps this will subsequently play a leading role in their own personal lives..

3. “I feel good without a man!”

So thinks a woman leader, endowed with strong energy. In all spheres of life, she is a reaper, and a priest, and in general a fine fellow. She succeeds everywhere, is free, independent, her life is rich. And in fact, such a woman does not need a man … weak energetically, inferior to her in ambition and determination, desire to develop. Such a man will limit the woman’s ability to go forward, hang on her neck with an anchor, and waste energy..

She would be strong and successful … But the dominant notes in communication, the desire to pull the blanket over herself in a relationship and a fist on the table in the slightest argument repel such men from her. She has no idea that over the years the leader’s energy will gradually get confused, she will get tired of management and want someone else, no, no, and bang on the table …

If you also feel in yourself a general in a skirt – quickly dismiss him. Leave the strength and energy of the leader at work, in everyday life learn to be soft, flexible, feminine. Add more stylish feminine items to your wardrobe – whatever one may say, the outer shell influences your mood, shapes the energy and presentation of yourself. And, of course, choose someone who is stronger than you. Next to a strong man who is used to doing everything himself, fulfilling desires, you will be able to become weaker, no matter how horses gallop in your life and huts are burning!