10 things that make your husband unhappy

Together with experts, we have collected the main reasons why your spouse is unhappy with you. By the way, some points will surprise you.!

Undoubtedly, when you start living together, you try to do everything to make your other half feel comfortable and satisfied with life. But it often turns out that no matter how hard you try, the chosen one does not feel happiness, demonstrating with all his appearance that this relationship is more hard work for him than a pleasant bonus. We have compiled a list of things that make your beloved one feel depressed.

1. You load it as soon as it appears in the field of view

It doesn’t matter whether he returned from work or was just absent from his business, but as soon as he appears at the door, you immediately try to convey to him some important (in your opinion!) Thought or another assignment that requires immediate execution. Experts say this is not the best time to be heard or rushed to fulfill your requests. A person should at least undress and catch his breath.

2. Constantly tease the chosen one, expressing sarcasm

Undoubtedly, healthy humor strengthens relationships and brings people closer together. But if you constantly keep track of his mistakes, loudly informing everyone about it, then, rest assured, happiness and harmony in the family will not increase. Therefore, instead of leading on points, competing in your own wit, it is better to invite your faithful to listen to a concert of your favorite band, which supposedly happened to be nearby, or visit a new restaurant to taste an innovative menu. By the way, we have good news for you: if you still want to spend time together, then all is not lost and your relationship can be saved.

3. Keep all conversations with children

Of course, men also often think about the fact that it would be nice to have heirs who can continue the family line (yes, it is very important for them, no matter what they grumble to themselves). But if all your topics in one way or another come down to your future children, then this can ruin the mood and drive into depression even the most persistent representative of the stronger sex. Therefore, psychologists advise to discuss the main points (how many children you could raise, etc.) and dwell on this.

4. Forgot about romance

Psychologists say that men also love romance and compliments. Therefore, if you notice that your chosen one is suddenly bored or wilted, remember the last time you did something cute for him or praised him for some action. Perhaps those qualities that previously attracted you in your spouse, over time began to be perceived by you as something ordinary, the person still wants to hear from time to time that he is still as dear to you as at the very beginning of the relationship.

5. We stopped seeing him as a person

Many married couples admit that after some time they stopped thinking of their chosen one as a person with their own ambitions and desires. All their conversations were reduced mainly to everyday issues, while the spouse lacked communication on some other topics. It is important to reveal a man and motivate him to want to move mountains for you..

6. Don’t let him speak

Perhaps you feel like the head of the family, demonstrating with all your appearance that the last word is yours, but psychologists do not recommend constantly interrupting your man, giving him the opportunity to make decisions and be responsible for your relationship.

7. Don’t make an effort to be on the same wavelength with him

Living together is not only a constant holiday, but also daily work. Therefore, you should not impose only obligations on another. It is important to find common hobbies or, if you still like completely different things, just respect his hobby, understanding how much it means to your chosen one..

8. Didn’t notice how habits have changed

Both you and your husband deserve equality in marriage and must openly discuss your addictions and habits (including sexually). And what was good at the very beginning of family life could be transformed or reborn into something else. Psychologists say this is completely normal. You just need to talk about the changes that have occurred over the years of marriage, and determine how you will now relate to each other’s addictions.

9. Don’t consider his feelings

More often discuss with your chosen one how he feels about certain things, what he likes, and what makes him disappointed. Thus, experts say, you can learn a lot about your faithful and, perhaps, finally learn to hear and understand each other..

10. Can’t properly divide your time between work and family

Of course, modern women have learned to build a successful career, in no way inferior in this to the representatives of the stronger sex. But here’s the paradox: the more confident a lady feels at work, the more unhappy her husband looks. Psychologists are sure that this is due to the fact that such women could not find a balance between career and family, giving preference to work or frequent business trips, while at home they also await her attention and care. Therefore, if you began to notice that you are returning home later and later, and your spouse becomes more and more gloomy and gloomy, then ask yourself whether it is really more important for you to prove your professionalism to colleagues or management, or to show your chosen one how much you value and love him..